Name Current Position
Richard D. Anderson President, ViraQuest, Inc.
North Liberty, IA
Robert Crawford High School Teacher, Physics and Principals of Engineering, City High School, Iowa City, IA
Angela Cruz Nevada, IA
Susan Eberly Redmond, WA
Jason "Jay" Flanagan Sanford Health
Sioux Falls, SD
Mitchell Gaver Director, Business Development, Sword Diagnostics
Chicago, IL
Melissa Hassebrock Harrisville, UT
Kirsty Johnson-Hamdy Virginia
Steven Kahl Research Advisor
Lilly Research Laboratories
Eli Lilly and Company
Jane Lee Department of Biomedical Sciences
Cornell University
Cindy Leveille Department of Biology
Coe College
Linda Madson Staff Psychiatrist
Abbe Center for Community Mental Health
Lindy McDonough Graduate Student
Creighton University
Misa Nakato Centers for Disease Control & Prevention 
Atlanta, GA
Carol Reynolds Assistant Professor
Mayo Clinic Cancer Center
Rochester,  MN
Shanna Sawatzki Technical Sales Specialist
Thermo Scientific Genomics
Seattle, WA
Karla Scholz Newcastle, CO
Suzanne Sernett Research Associate
Dept. of Animal Science, Iowa State University
Daniel Short No Information Available
Kristin Stang Assistant Professor
College of Education 
California State University Fullerton
Molly Strom Senior Investigator Scientist
The Sainsbury Wellcome Centre
Phyllis Tyrell No Information Available