We have established this page to better help outside laboratories locate our antibodies. For further information, or to order the antibodies listed below, please contact the appropriate vendor.

The following antibodies are available through the Developmental Studies Hybridoma Bank at the University of Iowa

IIH6 (alpha)-dystroglycan
VIA41 (alpha)-dystroglycan
IVD3(1) A9 (beta)-dystroglycan
VD2(1)b12 DHPR beta subunit, skeletal muscle
IIC12D4 DHPR alpha subunit, skeletal muscle
IIG12-1 Triadin
IIID5E1 DHPR alpha subunit, skeletal muscle
XA7 B6 ryanodine receptor, skeletal muscle
XIIC4 sarcalumenin


Santa Cruz Biotechnology

Hybridoma Antibody Isoform Catalog Number
IIH6 (alpha)-dystroglycan SC-53987
VIA41 (alpha)-dystroglycan SC-53986
7D11 (beta)-dystroglycan SC-33701
IIH11 Anti-SERCA1(Ca ATPase of rabbit skeletal muscle Sarcoplasmic reticulum) SC-53011
IID8 Anti-SERCA2(Ca ATPase of canine ventricular muscle Sarcoplasmic reticulum) SC-53010
VIIID12 Calsequestrin SC-53012
IIG12 Triadin (94kDa junctional specific glycoprotein) SC-59724
XA7 Ryanodine Receptor (RyR1) SC-65640

For additional information see Santa Cruz Biotechnology web page: http://www.scbt.com/home

Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc.
10410 Finnell Street
Dallas, TX 75220 USA
(214) 902-3900 or (800) 457-3801

Millipore Sigma

Mouse Monoclonal Antibodies

Hybridoma Antibody Isoform Specifity Catalog Number
IIH6 (alpha)-dystroglycan 05-593
VIA41 (alpha)-Dystroglycan 05-298

For additional information see Millipore web site at http://www.emdmillipore.com/

400 Summit Drive 
Burlington, MA 01803 USA
(800) 645-5476

Leica Biosystems 

Mouse Monoclonal Antibodies

Hybridoma Antibody Isoform Catalog Number
AD1/20A6 (alpha)-Sarcoglycan Amino Acids (217-289) A-SARC-L-CE
BETA SARC1/5B1 (beta)-Sarcoglycan Amino Acids (1-61) B-SARC-L-CE
DELTASARC/12C1 (delta)-Sarcoglycan Amino Acids (1-16) D-SARC-CE
35DAG/21B5 (gamma)-Sarcoglycan Amino Acids (167-178) G-SARC-CE

For additional information see Leica Biosystems web site at https://www.leicabiosystems.com

Leica Biosystems Inc.
1700 Leider Lane
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089 USA
(844) 534-2262